A Muslim woman walks in the street. She wears a burka concealing her eyes. Where does she look?

" Ignorance is the root of all evil."


Production: UK/AUT 2023

Running Time: 1 min 22 sec

Language: English

Shooting Format: Super 16mm

Original Aspect Ratio: 15:9

Sound: Mono


Woman — Katarina Leigh Waters


Writer/Director — Robert Cambrinus

Cameraman — Nicolas Schröder

Focus Puller — David Alexander

Clapper Loader — Celine Wald

Grip — Adam Razvi

Set Dresser — Juana Buendia Serrat   

Production Manager — Joe Jabbar

Editor — Robert Cambrinus

Stills — Joe Jabbar

Producer — Robert Stokvis

Film Notes

I re-used the material of my earlier micro short hi!jab and re-edited it in the style of a silent film for a public installation on the subway in Canada (which remained unrealised). The intertitles and the footage were digitally aged to evoke the film projection of an old silent film. But here the texts no longer have a narrative function, they are commentary. The 82-second film culminates in a message like a big epic silent movie by D. W. Griffith. However, the message can be read in different ways depending on the vantage point.